Say Goodbye to Ugly Tape and Cable Ties

Say Hello to 'Net Fix'.

This is a new innovative product that will help transform your goals


Using tape or cable ties as a method of hanging goal nets is both time consuming and messy. Using the Net Fix method to secure the net to the goalpost  not only looks professional but takes just a few minutes to both erect and remove. The Net Fix system is currently being used in both GAA and Soccer.

The main advantages of Net Fix are:

Speed - Nets can now be erected & removed in less than 2 minutes, saving time before and after the game.

Safety - Net Fix is extremely safe as it also removes the need for metal hooks on the goal posts, often responsible for player injuries.

Presentation - A sports net that is hung with Net Fix looks very professional as the spacings are consistent which means no sagging.

Volunteer Satisfaction - Hanging nets was quite often the dreaded job for volunteers due to the length of time it took and using untrusted methods. Your volunteers will now love this new concept as it makes their job so much easier.

The added benefit of removing the nets will add to their longevity due to the fact that they are not constantly exposed to the elements. Not having the nets on your goals also reduces the amount of activity in your goal mouths outside of games and this helps preventing the goal mouths being worn out with excessive traffic.  Net Fix is the system of choice to saving time and make setting up for matches easier. 

Nets can now be erected and removed in a matter of minutes

Your club and volunteers will love you for this

Toggle slot pair
Net fix in action